Lenore Harris

Art is an act of total attention.

  — Doreathea Lange


The process of teaching acting and speech

I am an actress and I teach.  I teach skills that were passed on to me by my gifted artist teachers.  They were not academics, but they were intellectually superior.  Their teachings embraced all of life and they themselves were complex human beings. Their talent and their knowledge ran deep and when they taught it came from serious respect for their craft.  They had teachers and training too.  And so it is.  Being their student brought excitement, anticipation, frustration and wonder to my days and nights of learning.  Being their student took my passionate need to be an actress churning within me to a place of rest by affirming that I had found the right and only path for my life.


Through monologues, scenes, scripts, questions and answers … by teaching and coaching I work on the process of the acting craft.


Through drills, text, prose and poetry…. by teaching and coaching I work on the the technique of developing clear, articulate American speech for careers and everyday communication and confidence.  Business presentations and public speaking are developed and enhanced with the same technique used to tell the story of a play or film.


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